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The end of the legendary era. (Roar of the lion)


Mahendra Singh Dhoni aka captain cool, MSD, thala has officially announced his retirement from the international career. The true Dhoni fans still can't understand and imagine that how would they even think of seeing team India play without him. We all fans felt sad when we lost the semi-final of the 2019 World Cup, we had the feeling inside about Dhoni that will he be able to continue more?..more than that we knew somewhere that he was being ignored and not given the free opportunity to take decisions during the final matches of his career. People even started doubting his talent and though that he won't be able to continue further, but we fans still hoped that he would be seen in upcoming T-20 World Cup, but yesterday he announced that he has decided to retire from international cricket at 7:34 P.M. There's no doubt that Mahi was the best captain of all time and no one can replace him. But after all, it was his decision and all sportsman go through this age of retirement. And it's their decision, but we know that there was still more hope from the fans to see Mahi play more.
A journey of a man, his untold story and the roar of the lion remains eternal. We love you MSD, here is his journey and few glimpses which would remain special for every Indian.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born on 7 July 1981 in Ranchi, Jharkhand in a small middle class family. A boy who was more often seen playing on the ground by everyone. A goalkeeper was found to play Cricket much more better than Football, and he just thought to give it a shot for school Cricket team. The boy who was believed to play at number 6 but soon began to impress the whole city by hitting long sixes, he was also being supported by his loved ones and knew that he would represent his country one day.
Whereas Mahi never thought of getting selected in a team or playing for team India one day but he just focused on the tomorrow's match and knew that he just has to improve his performance as that is all needed to do for a sportsman.

He was ready to play for any team, wherever the journey takes him, he was more to determined to play and give his best wherever he plays. And that's the most important thing. A source of motivation for MS was his country as there is no such strong motivation other than our own country. The patriotic feeling and teamwork kept him pumped up but cool during intense matches. He kept the good work continued throughout his whole career and knew that there will be a day, someone playing better than him and also a day someone replacing him. This point comes in every person's life but nobody agrees that there would be someone ever replacing MS Dhoni.

" Dhoni is the best captain I have played under."
                                                         ~ Sachin Tendulkar
" I have seen Sachin Tendulkar getting angry but not MS Dhoni."
                                                ~ Ravi Shastri

Here are some best moments that not only every Indian cherishes but also proves that why MS Dhoni is the best!

1. 2007 ICC World T20
After a sad loss in the World Cup, team India decided to cap MS Dhoni for T20 World Cup's captaincy. The final match between India and Pakistan was a really close call, the target set by team India was 158, where team India was able to defend by beating Pakistan by 6 runs. Joginder Sharma has the ball for last over and was fully pressurised at the situation, whereas our captain cool suggested him to just bowl normal as how you do , because players often get conscious during tough situations and perform worse. Joginder Sharma too said that Dhoni helped him cope with the situation at the moment, and the batsman was out and the cup was lifted by team India.

2. 2011 World Cup

The last two world cups (2015,2019) were intense and full of emotions but 2011 one remains emotional for every fan, the tournament was hosted by India and the final at Wankhede, Mumbai. Dhoni promoted himself up the order, ahead of the inform Yuvraj Singh. An unbeatable 91 off 79 balls that also featured a finishing six where every Indian rose with energy. From then, Dhoni was termed as the best finisher of all time. He became the second captain after Kapil Dev to win the world cup and brought the happiness back after 28 years. 

                          3. Champions Trophy 2013
Dhoni also dominated the game and beat Team England and added the three limited over ICC titles for team India, still everyone believed that team India was in the best form then. 

We will miss the Captain cool on the field and always remember his contribution in the History of International cricket.

Don't worry my friend, there's IPL 2020 coming soon on 19th September. Thala will entertain us and yeah, CSK fans out there. ;)

With consistent performance by Dhoni and leading team India Dhoni became famous worldwide for his finishing and also the best man behind the stumps. His stumping is still remembered and believed to be the fastest. His style and way of playing the game is a great feeling for every fan. 

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  1. Filthy BCCI never respected such a legendary
    But one thing is clear that atleast for 40-50 years no one will come in Indian cricket like him.... Good article dude 👍👍

    1. Yeah man,we can't unchange things now. #msdforever

  2. Will miss watching him rock in that blue jersey behind those wickets. Thanks for dedicating this blog to him. This is way too emotional for all of us to accept that the reason for which we all started watching cricket anxiously has left us in tears with his retirement. I am really excited to watch him play at the IPL. CSK macha. #7forever

    1. Yes man, your welcome. The life goes on, he will be the best captain ever. #7forever