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Overthinking ( You need to see this) I'm back

 Hey guys, so it's really been a long time, since my last post. I was busy due to my schedule, wait... I can't just say "busy". I should have tried to do it somehow in some or other way, but I couldn't. This month was more of exploring and to be honest I'm exploring and learning things more in this lockdown stage. And I still feel that my schedule is hectic even though I am home all day. I recently conducted a survey from my Instagram page and I had some mixed responses.

I was glad that people participated and suggested to me for real. I saw that almost 50% of people were confused about starting a side-hustle. See if you are asking me that am I too late for starting this...then no. You can start it right away. I'll be sharing the link down in my description where you will find various ways to contact me through. So, even I was not able to blog this month and even some people asked me if I am thinking something different lately. So, no I am right here and I know that there should be a minimum 6-month tenure for anything you wish to grow. Even though if I just spend an hour or two on it. So, remember if you are starting anything, try to give your best and analyze your work for at least six months. But if you say that it isn't working and I'm going to quit it before six months, then there must be some sort of excuse. So, yeah!

Coming to the Idea of today I just went through a story a few days back, most of you would have read it or heard it somewhere, but I'm sure that you guys would have appreciated it and would have left yourself into deep thinking for the conclusion of it. "OVERTHINKING", I do, you do, we all do, sometimes or always. It's a habit or what can we just makes the situation worse and then.....

We think that we have enough confidence to do something..the task.. but sometimes we leave ourselves with a strange feeling and get embarrassed. It's okay, you just become conscious during tough times or tense situations. Everything is okay until then, but the problem is the consequences.

The story is about a famous illusionist and magician Harry Houdini. He was a very bold and mysterious guy who confidently used to challenge in public and left people astonished by his skills, a true OG. One day, Houdini claimed that he could break out of any jail cell in the world with his street clothes on. Everyone was excited again and were again ready to watch this guy do the impossible. And one day, a very old jail from the South heard about his claim and they accepted it. The day of action came, Houdini confidently went inside the jail, and they shut the metal doors behind him. Houdini also said that I'll be out of this one hour or less. Then, Houdini took off his coat and then his belt, there was hidden long tough 10-inch piece of metal and started working... The guy who had a confident expression of his just before entering the jail was bathed with sweat and was tired. And finally, after 2 hours, he collapsed against the door. But what about the claim then? 

The door simply opened when he collapsed! Wait the door was never been locked. That's not true!..., even you would say that the door was locked. It was probably locked in your mind and Houdini's. That now the door has been locked and just now is the role of hard work or talent, I'll be showcasing. No cared about if the person who locked the cell, was the best locksmith but everyone cared that it was the best magician Houdini. So, how does it feel? Quite embarrassing right? This is what overthinking is. It wasn't a matter of thinking out of the box, but just if you are in a problem you have to be normal keep calm and do it the right way, with a conscious mind. 

It's okay if you are called average, sometimes the outstanding leave a deep message which brings the change. 

Think, but think in the right way...a positive way. 

You even know that your mind is a weapon, you must use it properly and wisely. Rest is your choice, it will show you the results if you have maintained peace and order or a violent version of yourself. 


Signing off. 


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