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An opportunity for 2020-2021 students.😄 (Mindler Internship)

Lockdown Day 208... 

What's your update? 

I hope everyone is alright and is able to do their work. Yeah, so there are only 71 days left for the next year 2021. 2020 was totally unpredictable and many of the people would have had many new year resolutions. Yeah, the nationwide entrance exams were finally conducted. The batch of 2019-20 has finally passed. Hey wait, have we thought of the 2020-21 batch..the 12th graders? Yeah, they have been doing online classes from day 1 of the lockdown.  It's okay your efforts are important and they will never go in vain, but yeah you have to work smart.  Opportunity is also a thing which is very important and which one should not miss! And yeah,  bringing you a golden opportunity to help you build your career skills and profile for your future decisions. 

Be part of the World's Largest Internship Drive!


Intern from the comfort of your home for 6-weeks with India's Leading Career Coaching Organization.

Wondering what's in it for you?

- Walk away with a certificate of Internship.

- Be amongst the top 1000 performers and get attractive rewards!

- Live training on Project Management, Digital Marketing, Client Outreach, and much more.

- Earn yourself a letter of recommendation.

- Create a social impact by empowering the youth with Education Scholarships.

Do not miss out on this great opportunity!

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