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2020 ends. Conclusion? Honest talk.


Hey guys, so it's been a while since I've made a post here. Starting this post, we all know that 2020 is finally going to end, most of the people are still tryna figure out that what did happen after February. What is 2020 leading us to? And how will be 2021? I'm neither gonna talk too much about the future nor about the past, but yeah what's the current status dude? At least for the next month, cuz even the exam dates are tentative and nothing is fixed, so what is up?

Every person tries to imagine himself/herself as the protagonist of his/her favorite movie, knowing that everything's gonna be alright... but 2020 made our life more of a web series which is not even our favorite one and you've already had this year too much. You just want 2021 to start!

Let's talk about character development or how many new things have we discovered this year. Talk about what skills have you learned and how many goals did you crush. 

And starting with the two cases, if you are the one who's just tried to do the normal things of your routine, let's say your study, daily chores, scrolling the feed on your social media. And the second one, where you have learned some new things and have been following it for the last 5-6 months. I'm sure you're still doing it, and if you are the person who's started something, but is losing interest or feeling low with output, I say hold on to it. Don't lose hope, give some more time. Have at least six months. Cuz even taking my case, where started something in the month of June, it didn't seem to be more effective, but when I'm looking the stats of the growth at the end of this month. I'm astonished, and I'm happy with the results, and that's the moment from when you start loving the process. You realize that the key is consistency, you've been consistent for this much period, and been patient. You've started to see the results. 

And these days, people prefer to seek 100% efficiency behind everything, which is hardly possible. And if you are the first case, don't conclude it here and leave a comment on my post, you still have time to build yourself, have any goal, anything you like, just make a note and keep crushing daily goals and feel the growth. But yeah, don't pick a goal, which you don't like, it may lead you to the top 10, but it will never make you the number one and you'll not enjoy the process throughout.

So, whatever may be the case, first or second, you know that it's your more of a personal case somewhere and you can still change it. That's all.

Feel free to contact me anytime, you can either mail me at or the best you can follow me on Instagram at @flip.the.trigger. Get along with me and have some more knowledge and fun, but yeah only if you feel to spare some time for me. ;)

May your 2021 be the most successful year, keep doing what you love.

Signing off.



  1. This blog is caffeine for Hustlers. Every day is worth living if you do what you love.

  2. That's right mate...only if you love that work..keep supporting.🚀