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I made it to 2021 (Honest talk)

 Konnichiwa (hello) guys! So, I'm back again after a long time again. 

Yeah, we made it to 2021...this post will not just be about goals and motivation or you be like this guy shows up after a long time and just starts talking some

random dumb shit. That's okay, I hope there will be someone among you following me along my journey on this blog or Instagram (@5amwolf) or whichever platform may it be saying that this was my situation and that shit worked and I'm happy now! 

So by now, most of the students would have switched backed to their normal life and routine...yeah offline I mean...even in Pune most of the schools have started and everything is on track to end 2020-21 and get ready for next batch/ year to begin. Now, I'm gonna ask you people that if you have done some work online in the period of lockdown or in 2020 whole year I mean. Some sort of online presence like you've made a website of yours, interacting with people, you've made an Instagram page of your hobby or sold something on Ebay. I'm not asking that how much bucks did you make, or how many clients did you have.

It's just have you created some kind of online presence of yours? Anything it maybe just not the people who scroll their DM and feed daily on IG. I'm sorry you guys are not considered here! Are you just gonna be a consumer for a whole life? Now you would say why is this guy shitting and playing with us, I got no business to do online, I have my life already sorted. Then my friend, you must know and you may know this that the world is growing online and digital marketing is growing faster than anything. 

Alex who was just fond of collecting cards and spending huge money on it now has his own trading show, which he hosts regularly online. 9 year old Jenny sells her handmade archies on her own online store. With just the craze Alex had to collect the cards and the way Jenny was fond of making handmade gifts and greetings. That's all their work dude!

And as all people gonna switch to digital world within some coming years, why don't you get a grip before that, make your passion ready good to go for business vision.  

Just know the process you do, is the best for you. You love it, trust it and you're ready to go even if you have to work long. Obviously there's nothing called overnight success, now I won't tell you about this term again, you may check my previous posts and know it. :) 

Now if you say, hey Flip it's gonna really take a long time, I already got much shit to deal with. I got my majors, daily chores and then again my parents won't allow me do it until I turn 18, then you may backout already my friend. This are just clear excuses and more than that you yourself are listing your priority as such then you may backout there's no issue and that's completely your decision. 

Not talking about parents, but any person around, how the hell at the age of 18 and 20 are we supposed to figure out what shit we gonna do for our whole life, I mean just not this GaryVee says that once we end up our high school, the life is more of experimenting. It's not just the ecosystem which is build by them or whatever this body maybe. Take time, decide something, and do the shit! Fall in love with process and that's it my friend, there's no guidance after that. *wink

That's all with my honest talk. 

Signing off. 




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  1. Great blog brother!!!
    I liked the way you write it. Whole blog was like conversation! Awesome 🔥🔥

    1. Every comment and response counts...thanks a lot mate...keep supporting..